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Work, work, work

I've been promising myself for over a year now, that soon I will find some time to rest properly. First it was getting my teaching certificate, then trying to cope with two different part time jobs in different cities. "I'll rest over Christmas", only no, I'm not resting, because the stupid me decided to take on an ambitious project which takes hours of work. And now I also realised that my website needs some serious work. I've neglected it for so long and now I'm struggling to sort it out. I also need to get back to regular exercising. I had done almost none in the crazy two months leading up to Christmas and my body is not happy with me for it. And obviously I'd like to do some writing. I'm practically backing myself into a corner with my overambitions. Oh, well... At least I have a handsome guy keeping me company :) Here he is in all his glory:

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