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Getting some of my creativity back

It seems to me that my recent trip and the very conscious decision to focus more on my wellbeing are starting to bear fruit.

My short break in Athens was absolutely brilliant and helped me recharge my batteries. We had a lovely weather and managed to get an absolutely brilliant guided tour of the Acropolis. Thanks Athens Walks!

And then there was the absolutely brilliant Rammstein concert! The energy, the spectacular pyrotechnics and the entire experience were just out of this world! Definitely worth waiting hours for the sun to go down!

I think getting away from life for a few days helped me sort my head out.

For a couple of years now I've bean in a reactive mode. There were so many changes in my life, I was so busy with career change, training, academic work and searching for a new job that all of my creativity had to be put to the side. I felt guilty whenever I went to do any creative work as if I should be doing something more productive.

But now, finally, I managed to get through this haze. I don't feel up to writing a new book just yet, but I decided to work on something else that sat in my WIP for a while. It started off as a collection of short stories, but I am currently filling out the gaps to flesh out the full plot. I decided to publish it on royal road, so that I can have a goal of taking small steps of writing/editing and publishing regularly. Even though I've just begun, I'm enjoying it. It is also nice to get some comments on the published bits. Interacting with real people who are reading what I write helps my motivation. I will put up a link to the story on my website and will start sharing the new chapters on my social media.

The story is different to my usual writing. It's about a young boy who gets thrust into the supernatural world and is showing it from his perspective. There will be no romance happening for a looooong, loong while if ever. Not sure what his sexual orientation will turn out to be either. He is just too young to reveal it to me just yet. He does have a gay uncle, but the man is single and too focused on raising his nephew to worry about finding a boyfriend. This might or might not change as the times go by, I'm not sure.

Anyway, If you're interested in a supernatural story told from a human boy perspective you might want to check it out:

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