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Work, work and more work

The past week has been difficult. Going to work early and then doing some overtime on Saturday threw me for a loop. As a result I had no chance to look into promoting my new book. Still I managed to carve out some time today and look into a few things. I'm still playing with my website and it seems that as soon as I figure out one thing, ten others pop up. All in all I feel a little bit lost. I haven't had time for any real writing for so long before covid-19 hit, that I completely forgot how to go about promoting a book. Now, being on furlough for four months gave me the opportunity to write, edit and publish, as well as reignited my passion for writing. I WANT to get back into it, but I don't know how. SIGH. Looks like it's back to drawing board and time to re-learn all this stuff. In the meantime I'll keep bumbling around trying to find my way blind. Thankfully I've got my little motivational helper here:

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