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Time flies by

A month has passed since my last post and I have no idea where it had gone. In that time I came up with a new book idea and started writing it, struggled with a couple weeks of bad migraine and prodrome, scared my coworkers into thinking I had a stroke...

Started dreaming about work once again (busy season here we come!) Struggled with a writers block and decided on a career change in a year or two.

First, the new book idea. It's one of the stories tales and legends retold and features characters from a couple previous books. They're being sent together on a quest to free the land from a magical illness. For now I have the first two introductory chapters and encountered a writers block. I know in general what needs to happen, but the particulars escape me. Hopefully I'll push through it soon. (Fingers crossed)

Now migraines... They're a pain in the arse. Unfortunately I suffer from a rare form of it called a hemiplegic migraine. It means I don't get the headaches. (YAY!) but what I do get is what basically looks like a mini stroke - one side of my body stops working. I'm so used to getting it that it doesn't phase me anymore. Normally I just have to wait it out and it'll pass and if it's a particularly bad one, I need to go home and sleep it off. The thing I didn't take into consideration this last time is that I change work position and the people I now work with except one are not used to me randomly having an attack. Unfortunately another lovely aspect of my migraines is aphasia. It makes it practically impossible for me to communicate in speach. So a thumbs up with my left hand or a so-so gesture with the same hand is the best I can do in such a situation. Even nodding or shrugging is normally out of the question. So you can imagine my coworkers alarm when I seemed to randomly stop functioning properly and was unable to explain what was happening. Fortunately I managed to utter the word "migraine" and by some luck just a week earlier I was discussing my condition with one of the coworkers so she had a bit of a clue of what was going on. After that with my best Igor shuffle (right leg dragging behind me - gotta love that migraine) I went home to sleep it off. Fortunately that also rid me of most of my prodrome syndromes (tiredness, grumpiness, trouble breathing etc.)

And now we're into the busy season and work is getting more and more exhausting. I'm not sure whether I'll find any time at all for writing. Coming back home I'm so mentally exhausted that I just want to veg on the sofa doing nothing. And when I dream I dream of work...

It all brought me to a decision of a career change. I'm giving myself a couple f years to complete it but I like to have a general plan to follow. It gives me something to look forward to when the job becomes too stressful.

Now lets get back to writing...

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