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New Year, Same Struggles

Even though we're well into the new year now, It still feels like the same old, same old. Working 45hrs+ each week makes it really difficult to motivate myself to do anything during the week. Nasty weather seems like a really good excuse not to go for a run, and mental tiredness in the evenings doesn't leave me much head-space for doing anything creative.

I know, I know, excuses, excuses...

Still, on a more positive note, I managed to do some writing last weekend and today, also have some planned for tomorrow. That makes me feel like not complete failure. Only most of one. 😜

It's just that my current book doesn't cooperate with me. It started off with a bang. This bright idea, the characters being loud and clear. Now it's like they hit a patch on their road and are sloughing in a knee-deep mud. It's so difficult to push even 500 words out. I'm just hoping this rough patch won't last much longer and they'll get to fun and exciting bits soon.

As soon as that happens I'm rewarding myself with cake. Which I baked. Myself. Today. So, you know characters... Move your asses! Nudge-nudge. Go you lazy bastards, I want my cake!

If that doesn't work I'll just have to console myself by stealing my cat from is perch and forcing him to cuddle with me. Mwa-ha-ha.

Look though, Isn't he adorable?

The only good side of the cold and miserable weather we're having recently is being able to curl up under blankets, with my cat right next to me, a nice cup of tea in an easy reac and a book in my lap. Perfect.

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