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I'm back!

Okay, so life being what it is I have been away for a good long while. There was barely any writing going on in my life as I struggled with many changes. Fortunately while I'm not fully sorted out yet, I'm getting there. I have submitted my newest book (in Stories, Tales and Legends: Retold) and had it accepted and I'm currently working on a new WIP. I'm not sure which way my life will have me going, but I do not want to give up on writing entirely.

A little bit more about the changes in my life. Well to sum it up in two words: Teacher Training. After swearing to myself for years that I wouldn't I finally caved in and decided to become a teacher. Strangely enough it seems to suit me. But. Going through a year long training at university to get my qualifications was just the beginning. Now, to find a job I need to get a driving license. Who'd have thought that living in the middle of nowhere without a driving license would be a bad idea, huh? So at the moment I am: working part time, Applying for jobs, learning how to drive, oh, and let's not forget struggling with my migraines which have become completely unmanageable as of late. So, yeah, a little bit of stuff going on in my life. But on the bright side I'm still convinced that changing careers was the right choice for me.

As for what will happen next with my writing? Well I have a few ideas. There's the book accepted by the publisher, and the one I'm working on now. There's also a lot of random ideas and possibly branching off into a new genre? Who knows. But one thing is certain. I. Will. Keep. Writing.

Also, have some pictures of late summer Titch. Isn't he gorgeous?

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