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Busy with Autumn tasks

Autumn crept upon me unexpectedly. I was just sunbathing outside, then I turned round and there's autumn bounty everywhere. As I slightly foraging obsessed person (read: completely and utterly foraging mad) I can't resist a berry or a mushroom if I see it. That causes people around me to give me wary (read: quietly horrified) looks. Sadly, blackberies this year dried out and are scarce. I ended up with two measly frozen portions of them. Apples from my favourite crab-apple aren't plentiful either. I picked some sloes for two bottles of sloe gin. Mushrooms... Well I found some honey fungi which I already used and I have my eye on some parasols. Aaaaanyhooo... enough about my foraging. Another task that I was up to this past weekend was tidying up the garden and planting some bulbs. Then I made some soap. And some face wash. And then I cooked. And cooked. And cooked some more. All in all before I realized the weekend was gone and I didn't do much writing at all. :(

I did make some progress on the "to be human" story. I really need to find a proper title for it. The writing isn't going quick, then, but it is moving forward. I choose to see it as an accomplishment. When working 45hrs weeks I come back home in a more or less zombie state. Cooking dinner takes even more of my brain cells and by the time it's all done I can barely focus enough to string together a few sentences. That's why whenever I do accomplish my goal of writing at least a few words, I pat myself on the back. I think this upcoming weekend I will dedicate solely to writing. (If a nice mushroom or berry doesn't guilt me into picking it)

And below (because I didn't talk enough about foraging already) some pictures of my this years pickings:

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