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The Reality


Changing His Reality

Jason Thorne lost his emotions four years ago. After getting kidnapped and then meeting and rescuing two men—vampire’s personal slave Toby and tiger-shifting Tyler—he suddenly discovers he’s starting to get his feelings back. When the three men move in together, the attraction between them grows. But Jason is afraid of losing his feelings again and he doesn’t want to act on it.
When Tyler Rhodes agreed to help search for his friend’s missing brother he didn’t expect to be caught, locked in a cage in his tiger form and starved. Only Toby smuggling him food kept him from dying. When both Tyler and Toby got rescued by Jason and his mysterious powers, Tyler is determined to do everything he can to convince his men that relationship between them can work.
In all the chaos that comes next it’s Toby and Tyler’s task to convince Jason that they can make it work and change his emotionless reality forever


Credo Quia Absurdum

Timiny Jones has a huge problem, his time in captivity left him with an incurable affliction known as dust overdose. The last thing he expects is for human, Joel Simmonds, to be willing to help him.
After being kicked out by his girlfriend Joel is thrust smack-dab in the middle of a paranormal mess. After discovering the beautiful pixie’s secret, Joel decides to help him, consequences be damned.
But Tim’s dust problem isn’t his only secret. He has another, much deadlier one. When pursuing the leads on disappearing paranormals, they discover a possible fey connection. Not everything is as it seems and Joel’s investigation is less puzzling than his growing feelings for Tim.
So who is truly behind the trafficking ring? Why did Linda dump Joel’s ass? Who is that Viking-like dude calling himself a royal? Is Joel truly straight? And what the hell does Credo Quia Absurdum mean?


Real Love

Jack Robinson survived the hell of captivity and has the nightmares to prove it. When a new student approaches him for help, he is prepared to help the kid as a pack alpha’s advisor. He does not expect to meet the boy’s father and fall in love.
Lucas Cartwright is a widower with two teenage kids who believe their mother was a witch. Between moving to a new house and dealing with the kids he has enough on his plate. Then he encounters Jack.
As the two men work on building a relationship some difficult truths are revealed and a magical foe pays a surprise visit to Cartwrights’ house.
Jack will have to work on defeating his demons if he wants a future with Lucas. Lucas will need to come to terms with his new reality if he wants Jack to accept a relationship with him. But when real love grows between them nothing will stand in their way.


Reality Check

When Jiminy Jones went to spy on Dominic Sawyer he didn’t think his actions through. He only wanted to check if the private investigator was a trustworthy human that could help Jimmy find his brother. But as Dominic accidently gets dosed with Jimmy’s mating dust, the two men get in a lot of trouble.
Dominic's learning of the existence of paranormals is just the beginning of their journey. A rescue mission for Jimmy’s brother, meeting Tyler and his men and then finding out Jason’s father is a god, all of it leaves Jimmy and Dom not nearly enough time to explore the feelings that start blooming in them.
Can the two men defeat all obstacles on their path and start a relationship? Will Dominic turn into a crazed monster? And what about becoming addicted to the mating dust? The trials are many but Dominic and Jim will work together to fin d their happily ever after.


(Not) Really Scary Halloween

Jason and his pack settle into a rhythm of almost-normal life. Toby want’s to carve some pumpkins and celebrate Halloween with his mates. The plan is somewhat thwarted when Tyler’s superstitious hate of Halloween is revealed. Then, Toby starts to hear voices...
With the arrival of an unexpected visitor, the pack learns of another attack coming. On Halloween nonetheless. With some quick thinking and a little bit of magic, they manage to avoid catastrophe. But who are these people attacking them?
Dominic’s wolf’s jealousy is also causing him problems with his mate. Will his sudden gift idea help?
Tim has a surprise for his mate as well. Will Joel enjoy it?
The pack is growing as new members pledge their loyalty to Jason. All in all, it proves to be a (not) really scary Halloween after all.
(Note: This is a quick look into the lives of characters from the first three books. This book is part of a series and cannot be read as a standalone.)

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