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Stories, Tales and Legends: Retold


The Prince and the Frog

Prince Ivan’s father believes his sons should find wives the traditional way–by going on a quest. This most fervent wish sends Ivan to his destiny. A magical forest, swamps, and strange dreams are just the beginning of the prince’s bad luck. Not only does his chosen bride prove to be a frog, she is also a he!
With an ancient magic involved, Ivan and Vasiliy the frog have no choice but to marry. But their problems aren’t over yet. First a test of worthiness threatens their blossoming relationship. Then there is the small matter of the magical curse Vasya is under. Finally, Ivan’s impatience rips the two apart.
Can the prince fulfill the impossible quest and thwart the most feared wizard in the world (aka his father-in-law) to get his frog back? And will Vasya begin an all-out magical war to return to his prince?


The Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Gard’s minor magical gift lets him see the darkness inside people. Knowing servant Falk is marked by the old god Veles, Gard blackmails the man to go on a suicide mission with him. Soon after, ashamed of his conduct he releases the man from his promise, but Falk decides to accompany him anyway.
A trip to the most dangerous barony in the kingdom to attempt to lift the curse on the Sleeping Beauty’s castle brings the two men closeness they didn’t expect. While their feelings for each other grow stronger, the danger that they’re about to face might yet prove deadly.

Discovering the truth about the Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the most dangerous kind of way leaves Gard on the brink of death and Falk facing his past. It will take a lot of help from Gard’s family to convince Falk that the two of them can have a future together.


The Sister of Seven Ravens

A horrible curse turned Yasko's brothers into ravens changing his life forever. After embarking on an adventure he finds a way to ease their suffering. It leads him into the middle of an ancient forest and requires a great sacrifice.
Duke Casimir's had enough of his mother's schemes. When he asks the soothsayer for help on his hunt he is thinking about finding a husband.
Lost in the middle of an ancient forest Cas is saved by Yasko. The two men fall in love and Yas agrees to go with Casimir.
But someone doesn't want Yasko as Casimir's husband and they'll do anything to force them apart.
Magical forces, hidden foes, and a war brewing on the horizon all stand in their way, but with some help from new friends, the support of his brothers and Yasko's sheer stubbornness they might yet come out of the ordeal stronger than before.


The Sleeping

Gard and Falk decided to take an escort mission to get away from Gard’s overwhelming family. They did not expect to stumble into a quest from Veles. Ivan and Vasya decided to visit Vasya’s lands to help with an issue the lands were having as well as to escape from Ivan’s father’s incessant quest. When a stranger informs them that someone will be joining them on that mission, they don’t know what to think.
Together they embark on a quest. A plague has swept through Vasya’s lands, giving people nightmares and making them fall permanently asleep. Vasya identifies it as a curse of a kind not seen since the magical wars. It’s so potent it could wipe out the whole continent. The two couples decide to track the origins of the curse and put an end to it. It will take all four of them working together and fighting unimaginable horrors to accomplish it.

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