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Before the Great War


The Warrior's Light

Ulrnk’k’a’Rdshkshk is an odd dragon who’s never been interested in owning a treasure and who’s turned to studying magic and learning about humans. His content existence is interrupted when he meets human general Brad the Black. Brad, a respected and feared general in the royal army, meets Ulr when he goes to investigate his brother’s disappearance. Nicknaming Ulr his Golden Boy, Brad is fascinated with the dragon. Ulr knows very well that Brad is his Founding Piece, the first and most important part of a dragon’s treasure, but he also knows that Brad is not ready to be claimed. After Brad gets kidnapped and ultimately leads Ulr to another piece of treasure, the dragon decides to move in with Brad and adopt a couple of orphaned children. Raising kids, shifter problems, and getting to know one another are just some of challenges Brad and Ulr face. Can they make it work and build a life together?


The Dragon's Bard

Brennan the Bard hates his life. Being a Bard is something he was forced into, not chose for himself. His life takes a dramatic turn when he gets kidnapped and dumped in the territory of the most feared dragon in existence.
Marngh’k’a’Drkhsh is known to humans as Dark Terror for a reason. He is the scariest of all dragons, even those of his own kind steer clear of him. While on a routine flight he discovers a human in the middle of his territory. Instead of killing the annoying creature he decides to make him a part of his treasure.
Being a part of a dragon’s treasure wasn’t in Brennan’s plans and neither was being attracted to the creature that can take on a human form at will, yet that’s exactly what happens.
From one heated encounter to another these two very different men have a decision to make – should they let the relationship grow or sever the bond?


The Young Lord's Return

Giving himself up to the dragons to be punished, Thomas expected to be killed, not taken to live with them. After being released by the dragon, the young Lord comes back home, but his return is not a happy one. Thom is unhappy in his father’s castle because he is forced to hide the truth and plagued by guilt and strange feelings for the dragon who took him.
Dragon Urghnin’k’a’Rdshkshk had never expected to meet a human he would want to claim for a part of his treasure, yet that’s exactly what happened with Thom. After trying to make the human happy living in a cave with him, Ur has decided to release the young lord, for the man’s own good.
When a visiting lord targets Thom and tries to rape him, Ur swoops in and saves his man, taking him back to the cave. Will the young Lord’s return to his dragon be the chance for a happily-ever-after?

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