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The Bigwell Chronicles


The Wolf and the Selkie

When Tanner Henway’s father insists his son marry the daughter of a neighbouring Alpha, the young wolf-shifter isn’t happy. He doesn’t feel ready for such a commitment or to become the Alpha of his pack. He also doesn’t want to leave his boyfriend Ollie.
When Ollie receives some disturbing news he needs to make sure where his relationship with Tanner is headed. When the wolf tells him what they have is an arrangement, Ollie knows he must leave the man he loves and go back to Selkie Island.
Two decades later a young wolf puts a request to join Henway pack. He tells a story of just discovering he could turn into a wolf. Tanner accepts Trent into the pack without realising that the young wolf is a link to his past.
When Alpha Henway gets shot with a deadly, quicksilver-coated bullet it is up to Trent’s father—Oliver—to save the wolf.

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