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Difficult characters etc

So I started writing my newest book with that silly idea that it's going to be a pretty straightforward magical adventure for my characters, They'll go, deal with the issue and go home. Silly me, I should have known better. It seems that my characters have their own ideas about what will be happening and a straightforward adventure quest is turning into something that has roots in the past. Other than that they all discover some issues they haven't properly dealt with and so the story complicates even more. I hoped to have this book finished in time for Christmas, it's starting to look like it will take longer than that.

On top of that work is becoming busier now and the next three weeks to a month will be absolutely mental. I predict bone deep tiredness and lack of mental energy. I'm not sure how it will affect my writing but the overall feeling is that it will stretch things even longer.

Christmas is approaching with big steps and even though we decided not to buy presents this year (with the exception of some children in the family) I still want to have a nice celebration. Obviously covid and life in generally conspire against it. As a Polish person the Christmas day isn't as big for me as it is for most of the Western world. We focus our efforts and celebrations on the traditional Wigilia which is a Christmas Eve supper with traditional vegetarian dishes. Christmas day is mostly for vegging out in front of the telly and eating. This year I believe will be exactly like that as visiting with family is probably not gonna happen. Still preparations of the traditional dishes will take some time and I always overcook and over-prepare, so I'm not kidding myself into thinking this year will be any different. Hopefully I'll survive until new year :)

And here's some pictures of my massive fluffy cat, because cat pictures always make it better :D

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