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The Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Gard’s minor magical gift lets him see the darkness inside people. Knowing servant Falk is marked by the old god Veles, Gard blackmails the man to go on a suicide mission with him. Soon after, ashamed of his conduct he releases the man from his promise, but Falk decides to accompany him anyway.
A trip to the most dangerous barony in the kingdom to attempt to lift the curse on the Sleeping Beauty’s castle brings the two men closeness they didn’t expect. While their feelings for each other grow stronger, the danger that they’re about to face might yet prove deadly.

Discovering the truth about the Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the most dangerous kind of way leaves Gard on the brink of death and Falk facing his past. It will take a lot of help from Gard’s family to convince Falk that the two of them can have a future together.

The Sleeping Beauty's Castle

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