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Sophie Martin

Author of MM romance, fantasy, paranormal

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Sophie Martin

Author of MM romance, fantasy, paranormal

Sophie Martin

Author of MM romance, fantasy, paranormal

Newest Work


An ongoing story published in chapters

What happens when your humanity is so strong it overpowers any attempt at turning you into a supernatural creature?

When Robin Blackwell's parents die leaving him a very wealthy orphan a previously unknown uncle shows up in his life. Far from wanting anything to do with Robbie's riches, his uncle Foster offers Robbie a chance to live with him in a small town of which Foster is a mayor. That's how an unbelievable adventure full of magic and supernatural creatures begins for the boy. Only... why did he not turn into a werewolf after being bitten? And how is he going to survive as the only human in a fully supernatural town? Follow Robbie as he struggles to make friends, do his homework on time and live up to his uncle's expectations.

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The Sleeping Curse


Gard and Falk decided to take an escort mission to get away from Gard’s overwhelming family. They did not expect to stumble into a quest from Veles. Ivan and Vasya decided to visit Vasya’s lands to help with an issue the lands were having as well as to escape from Ivan’s father’s incessant quest. When a stranger informs them that someone will be joining them on that mission, they don’t know what to think. 
Together they embark on a quest. A plague has swept through Vasya’s lands, giving people nightmares and making them fall permanently asleep. Vasya identifies it as a curse of a kind not seen since the magical wars. It’s so potent it could wipe out the whole continent. The two couples decide to track the origins of the curse and put an end to it. It will take all four of them working together and fighting unimaginable horrors to accomplish it.

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The Mage

August31, 2020

Lin Sorrel is a Mage with barely any magic. He wouldn't be too bothered by it, but on top of that, he is crippled. Those two facts prevent him from achieving his lifelong dream - becoming an Adventurer. Adventurers explore the Wilds facing multiple dangers. Useless as a Mage and slowed down by his disability Lin had been refused by every adventuring team he had ever asked to join. In the end, he had had to settle for owning a shop where Adventurers trade.

When Rainard Thornwell storms into Lin's establishment it shakes Lin's world. Now in a time-sensitive, life-or-death situation the two men embark on a dangerous mission. Will they be successful? Or will the Wilds claim their lives?

Discover a new fantasy series from Sophie Martin. The novella-length books will follow the adventures of Lin and Rain as well as their slow-burn romance.

Delve into a world of Adventurers and Mages. Experience magic, monsters and ancient ruins. Follow Lin's journey of discovery, both of the Wilds and himself.

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